Flowers that best resist the winter

Flowers are plants that anyone would want to have in their surroundings. Apart from the aesthetics flowers add to our environment, flowers also help filter the air of an environment. There are diverse kinds of flowers available in different shades and colors. You can find varieties of flowers for purchase at companies such as Florists by Flowers and more. However, you should understand that flowers have seasons when they thrive best. Some flowers thrive well during summer, while some during spring. Nevertheless, you can still find flowers that can help keep your garden beautiful throughout the year. These flowers are winter flowers, and they can resist the cold winter weather. In the next few sections, we will be considering some flowers that can still bloom and resist the winter


Pansies are edible flowers and are hardy to zone 4. These low-growing flowers shouldn’t be missing in your winter garden. These flowers can bloom for a long period, and appears in a range of colors, including both solid and bicolor. Although pansy flowers can survive extremely cold temperatures, it is important to employ frost temperature techniques in winter, by covering them with pine straw. Doing this will help protect them from strong winds that can dehydrate them.

lily of the valley

Lily of The Valley

This flower shouldn’t be strange to most flower lovers. The flower happens to be a tough plant despite its delicate appearance. The lily of the valley can tolerate shade, making it an ideal flower for a spot with little or no sunlight. They can be easily found in most flower shops. You should first read florist companies’ reviews to hear customers experiences with them.

The lily of the valley is commonly seen with white flowers, however, there are other varieties also, including pretty pink blooms, as well as variegated forms with dark green leaves and white stripes.


Coneflower is a tough and rugged flowering plant which is known for its ability to tolerate drought. It has large flowers that bloom through summer after which it falls, attracting pollinators. Coneflowers are available in different varieties of colors including, pink, purple, yellow, orange, red, and white.

Coral Bells

Coral Bells are admired for their colorful foliage, as they come in shades of green, yellow, purple, red, orange, and other varieties of colors. These flowers are ideal as a shade but thrive well in well-drained soil. They are hardy to Zones 3-9 and should be moved to the ground in anticipation of the first frost if they are planted in a container.

Blue Spruce

The blue spruce grows in form of a tree, and it’s an ideal winter plant. Apart from the fact that this flower is beautiful when covered in snow, it is hardy in Zones 2-7, making it suitable for a large portion of the United States. Blue Spruce is said to however prefer full sun and serves as great audio, visual, and windscreen. Applying insecticides on this flower can lead to the loss of the needle coating responsible for its color.

Author: Belinda Ramsey